Jewish & Christian

Closer than you think?!

The campaign #Jewish & Christian: closer than you think?! is intended to encourage people to perceive the close ties between Christianity and Judaism. Also and especially in view of the festivals, the rootedness of Christianity in Judaism becomes clear.

We are aware that the emphasis on closeness is possible only if the dignity of difference is preserved. Therefore, we consider it indispensable to critically question the references to Judaism in Christian contexts, to recognize and avoid tendencies of inappropriate appropriation.

Currently, we find ourselves in a social situation that is characterized by a strengthening of Antisemitism and other forms of group-related hostility towards people. Attacks against Jews, incitement and conspiracy myths in the social media continue to increase.

By referring to Judaism in a respectful way that encourages positive engagement with the diversity of Jewish life in Europe, the campaign also aims to make a contribution to combating Antisemitism.