We drink to life

We drink to life: Purim & Carnival Purim is about turning things upside down and inside out: even the frightening experiences are turned into parody. During carnival, prevailing conditions are turned upside … more


Wonder-full: Hanukkah & Christmas Each day during the eight days of Hanukkah an additional candle is lit. Light in the darkness recalls the miracle of light in the Temple of Jerusalem. During … more

Remembering for the Future

Remembering for the Future: Zachor & 9 November The biblical word „zachor“ means „remember“. On 9 November, we remember the pogroms of 1938, we remember the danger of being indifferent. May the … more

The many gifts of nature

The many gifts of nature: Sukkot & Thanksgiving On Sukkot Jews celebrate trust in God’s care, even in the shaky booth, the sukkah. Christians give thanks for the harvest and reflect on … more

Celebrating reconciliation

Celebrating reconciliation: Teshuvah & Repentance After the Days of Repentance, Jews celebrate reconciliation with God and experience God’s unconditional love on Yom Kippur. Christians seek reconciliation: praying, celebrating the Eucharist and turning … more

Connecting past and present

Connecting past and present: Tikkun & Repair On 9 Av Jews commemorate the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. Christians in earlier times interpreted it as a judgement by God. Today, the churches … more


Time-out: Shabbat & Sunday Shabbat and Sunday: A taste of God’s kingdom, the right to rest for people, animals and plants: Moments of peace and happiness. No exploitation: Life is not disposable. … more

Called by name

Called by name: Naming & Baptism Naming in Judaism: a sign of the covenant, a sign of belonging. For boys, it coincides with the circumcision on the 8th day. Baptism seals admission … more

The spirit that inspires

The spirit that inspires: Shavuot & Pentecost Shavuot celebrates the empowering spirit of Divine Revelation. Pentecost celebrates the spirit of God that inspires the weak and the meek. Orientation and inspiration: standing … more

The joy of growing up

The joy of growing up: Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Confirmation Taking responsibility, becoming an adult. Filling old traditions with new life, celebrating faith, making a choice: in the synagogue with the Bar or … more