The joy of growing up

The joy of growing up: Bar/ Bat Mitzvah & Confirmation

A Christian voice

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Both Judaism and Christianity know coming-of-age rituals and symbolic acts that express civil and religious maturity. For Christians, it is also the invitation to Christian witness in today’s world and to participate in the community. In the Roman Catholic tradition, a bishop confers and celebrates the gift of the Spirit with prayer and anointing or imposition of hands. The confirmands receive God’s Spirit. They return the greeting of peace and are ready to place themselves and their charisms at the service of others. The godmothers and godfathers support them in this, which they signal by placing their hand on the young person’s shoulder.

In the Protestant Church, young people confirm their acceptance into the Christian community, which has previously taken place with baptism, usually in infancy. During preparation for confirmation, young people learn the basics of the Christian faith, practice Christian spirituality, and become involved in the congregational context. After the celebration of confirmation, they are invited to continue their journey of faith in the community of other Christians and to contribute to the congregation with their gifts and abilities.

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