Called by name

Spirit, der bewegt: Schawuot beziehungsweise Pfingsten.

A Jewish voice

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Judaism attaches great importance to names, for they are an expression of an individual’s belonging to family and community traditions. In addition, parents cherish the hope that by giving their child a melodious and significant name, they are giving him or her a positive omen on his or her life’s journey. For boys, naming is part of the circumcision ceremony on the 8th day of life. For girls, the name is announced after birth during the Torah reading in the synagogue. In recent decades, it has become common to celebrate a separate naming ritual for girls as well. In addition, many children still have a „civil“ name, which is their official first name.

When deciding on a name, depending on regional custom, deceased or living family members are often honored, who in this way symbolically accompany the child through life. In addition, there is an abundance of biblical names to choose from, as well as names that have references to the Jewish cycle of the year, to nature and to desirable character traits. The parents are part of the name, because one is always called „X, son/daughter of Y and Z„.

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