Brit Milah beziehungsweise Taufe

Ritual für das Leben: Brit Milah beziehungsweise Taufe. Eine christliche Stimme Die Taufe steht am Anfang eines jeden christlichen Lebens. Sie begründet das Christsein und gibt Anteil am Leben Jesu … more

We drink to life

We drink to life: Purim & Carnival A Christian voice Short version Magnificent, princely floats from Düsseldorf to Mainz, scantily clad young women dancing Samba in Rio, distinguished masks in Venice, the … more


Wonder-full: Hanukkah & Christmas A Christian voice Short version „And she gave birth to her first son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; for they had … more

Remembering for the Future

Remembering for the Future: Zachor & 9 November A Christian voice Short version Remembering for the Future – A Christian perspective „Life is understood backwards, but lived forwards.“ – said Danish philosopher … more

The many gifts of nature

The many gifts of nature: Sukkot & Thanksgiving A Christian voice Short version For Thanksgiving, churches and altars are colourfully decorated with all kinds of fruits of the field. God’s abundant creation … more

Celebrating reconciliation

Celebrating reconciliation: Teshuvah & Repentance A Christian voice Short version At the heart of the Christian understanding of reconciliation is the healing of a relationship that is broken: the relationships with other … more

Connecting past and present

Connecting past and present: Tikkun & Repair A Christian voice Short version Since the High Middle Ages, Christians have read a passage from the Gospel of Luke in the context of the … more


Time-out: Shabbat & Sunday A Christian voice Short version Each Sunday Christians remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. According to the Gospels (Mk, 16:1-8), women came to the tomb after the … more

Called by name

Spirit, der bewegt: Schawuot beziehungsweise Pfingsten. A Christian voice Short version Baptism stands at the beginning of every Christian life. It establishes Christianity and gives a share in the life … more

The spirit that inspires

The spirit that inspires: Shavuot & Pentecost A Christian voice Short version Pentecost is a major festival which is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter. It commemorates the descent … more