Celebrating the Word of God

Celebrating the Word of God: Bereshit & In the Beginning

A Christian voice

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The Bible contains „God’s word in human words.“ Every human word in the Bible is divinely inspired at its inception and can serve as God’s Word today.

A full Bible is very rarely used in Christian worship services. The biblical passages that are recited are printed in the multi-volume lectionary. Sometimes there may be additional precious gospel books for the reading from the Gospels. These books may be venerated liturgically through processions, kissing, incense and candles.

In some countries, a special Sunday – Ecumenical Bible Sunday – is celebrated at the end of January in great ecumenical solidarity.

In the interpretation of the biblical text, scientific, liturgical, pastoral and individual approaches complement each other. The Bible inspires us, because „… in it human laughter echoes and tears flow, just as the prayers of the unhappy and the rejoicing of those in love rise up.

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