Brit Milah beziehungsweise Taufe

Ritual für das Leben: Brit Milah beziehungsweise Taufe. Eine jüdische Stimme Kurzfassung Der Bundesschluss Gottes mit Abraham wurde durch die Beschneidung bekräftigt, und zwar als ewiger Bund für alle kommenden … more

We drink to life

We drink to life: Purim & Carnival A Jewish voice Short version Clowns of all sizes, knights, princesses, monsters, witches, zebras, rabbits and other imaginatively dressed characters have gathered in the synagogue, … more


Wonder-full: Hanukkah & Christmas A Jewish voice Short version When all signs around us are pointing to Advent and Christmas, Jews celebrate Hanukkah. The Jewish festival of lights, which commemorates the uprising … more

Remembering for the Future

Remembering for the Future: Zachor & 9 November A Jewish voice Short version Burning synagogues, destroyed institutions, murders and mass arrests – the Reichspogromnacht of November 9, 1938, was a turning point … more

The many gifts of nature

The many gifts of nature: Sukkot & Thanksgiving A Jewish voice Short version Colorfully decorated leafy huts, from which the clatter of dishes and singing emanate and are heard outside, these are … more

Celebrating reconciliation

Celebrating reconciliation: Teshuvah & Repentance A Jewish voice Short version Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are considered the High Holidays of Judaism because questions of life and death are reflected on them. … more

Connecting past and present

Connecting past and present: Tikkun & Repair A Jewish voice Short version „If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, my right hand shall wither, my tongue shall stick to the roof of my … more


Time-out: Shabbat & Sunday A Jewish voice Short version The highlight of each week is Shabbat, the seventh day of creation, when Jews are to rest from the day’s work in imitation … more

Called by name

Spirit, der bewegt: Schawuot beziehungsweise Pfingsten. A Jewish voice Short version Judaism attaches great importance to names, for they are an expression of an individual’s belonging to family and community … more

The spirit that inspires

The spirit that inspires: Shavuot & Pentecost A Jewish voice Short version Shavuot is observed exactly fifty days or seven weeks (“shavuot”) after Pesach and celebrates the revelation of the … more